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Why Privileged Access Management Is  So Essential For an Organization 

Kategorie: Identity management, privileged access management

Nowadays data breaches are occurring to more and more enterprises around the world. Unfortunately the impacts of breaches are supposed to destroy the company’s reputation and to bring lots of financial losses.

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Why You Must Choose Cloud Access Control for Your Company?

Kategorie: cloud access control, IAM

Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming one of the most wide spread and promising technologies. The variety of opportunities it offers, helps companies to accelerate their business and make it more efficient. Working in a highly competitive...

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4 Steps for Proper Implementation of RBAC

Kategorie: RBAC, Azure

Access control is necessary, and every organization must implement it in some form. That refers especially for businesses with employees who work out of the office and require access to the company data resources and services. Nowadays the number...

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How Privileged Account Management Protects Business?

Kategorie: privileged account management

Privileged Account Management  (PAM) focuses on the specific requirements of privileged user accounts in a company's IT infrastructure. PAM is used as an information security and governance tool to support companies in complying with legal and...

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How Identity Governance Enhances Security?

Kategorie: Identity and Access Governance

Nowadays lots of companies meet technology challenges like increasing numbers and types of technology users (employees, contractors, business partners, customers), multiplying applications and devices, growing regulatory requirements, pressures...

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PATECCO Managed Services Help Business Increase Its Efficiency

Kategorie: managed services, identity and access management

In today’s complex business environment, IAM companies are challenged to not only maintain the current infrastructure, applications, and operations but to contribute with efficient strategies, as well. PATECCO’s Identity and Access Management...

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What are the Major Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Kategorie: cloud access control, RBAC

Among all security requirements of cloud computing, access control is one of the basic requirements in order to avoid unauthorized access to systems and protect organizations assets. PATECCO developed  cloud access control tool - Role Based...

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8 Tactics to Get Identity and Access Management Right

Kategorie: identity provisioning, identity and access management

Identity and Access Management has always been an ongoing process and an essential element of the enterprises’ infrastructure that demands continuous management. No matter you have completely implemented directory, it’s useful to take advantage...

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Key Tips from PATECCO for Successful Planning of IAM strategy

Kategorie: identity and access management, iam strategy

Identity and access management concerns everyone and everything inside an enterprise - it moderates workflow, enables users to share information quickly and easily establishes protocols that strike the proper balance between security and the...

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Five Challenges of Identity & Access Management

Kategorie: identity provisioning, identity and access management

Identity and Access Management is crucial in today’s digital world where electronic data is becoming more and more valuable for most companies. The enterprise IT departments face the complex challenge of providing granular access to information...

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