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Cloud Access Control Brings Different Approach to Security in Banking Sector

Kategorie: cloud access control, Cloud Computing

Cloud computing today is delivered and used in every vertical in the market across sectors. One of the key considerations for the banks continues to be physical security and access control. It’s a great challenge, especially when the organisation...

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PATECCO Is a Branding Sponsor at E-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress in Frankfurt

Kategorie: cyber security, e-crime, IAM

The German Managed Services company PATECCO will take part as a branding sponsor in the 12th e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress. The event will take place on 23rd January 2019, at Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt. The E-Crime congress is...

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PATECCO Innovative IAM Technologies Enhance Digital Transformation

Kategorie: Digital transformation, IAM


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The Role of Identity and Access Management in the Digital Era

Kategorie: IAM, GDPR, Data Security

The transformation of the digital business world is connected to many challenges concerning moving forward to new technologies and shifting the focus to agile and flexible environments. As the number of digital identities rises, the need to...

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How SIEM Improves Your Organisation’s Cyber Security?

Kategorie: SIEM, data security

Modern businesses operate under constant cyberattack. Cybercriminals of every type continually launch ransomware, viruses, phishing, and denial-of-service attacks that threaten your computer systems and network infrastructure. That puts your IT...

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Ensuring Security and High Business Value With RBAC

Kategorie: RBAC, identity and access management

In the era of digital transformation the tight privacy laws have imposed new levels of confidentiality on health care, insurance companies and financial institutions. As the number of their electronic systems increases along with the number of...

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Secure Digital Transformation with Identity                            and Access Management

Kategorie: IAM, Digital transformation

Digital transformation comes down to using technology and data to drive innovation and better business outcomes. With regard to cyber security, digital transformation creates new requirements and new risks, as well. Cyber security therefore needs...

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Business Challenges and Solutions for Password Management

Kategorie: MIM 2016, password management

Businesses face many password management challenges. Implementing a password management solution is necessary in many corporate environments because users have to authenticate to the network in a secure manner. Passwords are the most common...

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7 Unique Benefits of PATECCO Managed Services

Kategorie: managed services, identity and access management

Managed services is a customized and tailored solution in which a third-party contractor provides information technology tasks for another organization. In a typical managed services arrangement, a managed service provider (MSP) takes over...

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6 Reasons to Implement Identity and Access Management Solution

Kategorie: IAM, lifecycle management

Nowadays security issues are a prime concern because most identity methods are not so effective. The more technology is improving, the more new threats are coming and IAM is needed to significantly mitigate them. Due to the amount of information...

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