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PATECCO’s Best Practices In Privileged Account Management

Kategorie: privileged account management, password management

In a time of rapid digital transformation, a lot of organizations face challenges managing privileged accounts. To strictly control, protect, monitor, and manage them, such companies use Privileged Account Management (PAM). It grants privileges...

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PATECCO Strengthens Authentication by Public Key Infrastructure

Kategorie: lifecycle management, PKI

The International Managed Service company PATECCO establishes and maintains a trustworthy networking environment by providing key and certificate management services. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used by PATECCO as an effective method for...

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PATECCO Tips on Protecting Your Data Under GDPR

Kategorie: data protection, gdpr

When the EU published the Data Protection Directive in 1995, social media wasn’t born yet and a process like digital transformation sounded like a fiction. During the last 23 years we are witnessing a technology advancements and their effects on...

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PATECCO’s Techniques for Successful Identity Lifecycle Management

Kategorie: Identity management, lifecycle management

We are living in the age of the identity economy and the majority of companies are becoming more digital, as well. Developing your business in internet era is critical for its success. The reason is that digital users are essential for keeping a...

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Data Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

Kategorie: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is known as a form of distributed computing in which a specific application may run on different linked computers simultaneously. It gives the ability of an organization to move its workload easily from one cloud environment to...

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Why Privileged Access Management Is  So Essential For an Organization 

Kategorie: Identity management, privileged access management

Nowadays data breaches are occurring to more and more enterprises around the world. Unfortunately the impacts of breaches are supposed to destroy the company’s reputation and to bring lots of financial losses.

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PATECCO Security Strategies Address GDPR

Kategorie: Identity management, GDPR, Data Security, identity governance

PATECCO, the European top Managed Services company, aligns its security strategy to Continuous GDPR Compliance in order to address threats and mitigate risk. While General Data Protection Regulation promotes key security tenets of...

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PATECCO's Corporate Story in a Nutshell

Kategorie: Identity management, managed services, story

PATECCO is a  Managed Service company with a rich story since 2009. Starting from a simple IAM theory and going through many business challenges, it reached a great progress and the top market positions.  Several years of stubborn work,  constant...

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Challenges and Benefits of Access Governance

Kategorie: Identity management, access governance

Many enterprises deploying Identity Management Solutions believe that this will suffice for access governance. The truth is that an identity management solution is only a point solution and access governance requires something more complex -...

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PATECCO Managed Services - Mix of Proactivity and High Service Orientation

Kategorie: Identity management, managed services

Managed services providers (MSPs) play a key role in today’s IT strategies for businesses. IT managed services offer centralized expertise, processes and tools to support organizations and to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

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