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How Identity & Access Management Solutions Help in GDPR Compliance

Kategorie: GDPR, Data Security

GDPR is a comprehensive, European Union data protection law designed to strengthen data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union. It places more obligation on organisations to ensure that personal data is used legally and...

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PATECCO Management Team is Among the Top Speakers at EIC 2018

Kategorie: Identity management, PAM, EIC 2018

The management team of the German Managed Services company - PATECCO - will take part in panel discussions, at Identity & Cloud Conference 2018. The event will take place from May 15-18, 2018, at INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich. EIC...

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6 Steps for Higher Security and Compliance in the Cloud

Kategorie: Cloud Computing, compliance, security

Nowadays the cloud industry is growing more due to its widespread adoption. But the more it’s growing, the more questions arise whether the cloud is secure. People are thinking about risks such as financial losses, lawsuits or losing the...

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PATECCO’s IAM Services Help Customers to Close Security Gaps

Kategorie: Identity management, Cloud Computing, PKI, PAM

PATECCO is an international Managed Services company providing state of the art technology and services to a large international customer base across finance, automobile, pharma, energy, automobile, public and telecommunication sectors. Its...

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PATECCO’s Thoughts on Identity Governance And GDPR Compliance

Kategorie: lifecycle management, gdpr, password management

GDPR requires material changes in how and where organizations store customer data, and most of all - how they grant access to that data to employees, contractors and business partners. These processes impose creation of security models starting...

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IAM Technologies That Will Help You Succeed With GDPR

Kategorie: Identity management, GDPR, Data Security, access governance

With the anticipated publication of the European General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018, large and small enterprises are beginning to assess how the new Regulation will affect their data protection and privacy compliance programs. The new...

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PATECCO’s Best Practices In Privileged Account Management

Kategorie: privileged account management, password management

In a time of rapid digital transformation, a lot of organizations face challenges managing privileged accounts. To strictly control, protect, monitor, and manage them, such companies use Privileged Account Management (PAM). It grants privileges...

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PATECCO Strengthens Authentication by Public Key Infrastructure

Kategorie: lifecycle management, PKI

The International Managed Service company PATECCO establishes and maintains a trustworthy networking environment by providing key and certificate management services.  

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PATECCO Tips on Protecting Your Data Under GDPR

Kategorie: data protection, gdpr

When the EU published the Data Protection Directive in 1995, social media wasn’t born yet and a process like digital transformation sounded like a fiction. During the last 23 years we are witnessing a technology advancements and their effects on...

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PATECCO’s Techniques for Successful Identity Lifecycle Management

Kategorie: Identity management, lifecycle management

We are living in the age of the identity economy and the majority of companies are becoming more digital, as well. Developing your business in internet era is critical for its success. The reason is that digital users are essential for keeping a...

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