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PATECCO Extends Its Portfolio with Innovative Identity and Access Management Solutions

The Managed-Service-Agreement Company, PATECCO, has expanded its portfolio with more identity and access management solutions. This kind of solutions are based on industry trends and vital business needs, with the goal of preparing the business for growth and integration in the digital transformation process.

Taking into account that the Digital transformation brings a unique set of risks and security challenges, the need of enabling effective IAM tools for maintaining the data protection increases more and more. They all provide easy connections between the digital business and customers, automate and accelerate administration of user access while minimizing the potential impacts of access risk. By using IAM the company is able to show who has or had access to what, why, when, and what they did with that access.

PATECCO’s company portfolio includes different kinds of solutions, divided into three groups:

Identity Access Governance Management:
  •  Identity Access Governance Management
  • Centralized Provisioned and Management of Accounts and EntitlementsIAM_Solutions-1.jpg
  • User Activity and Compliance Reporting
  1. Governance, Risk and Compliance monitoring:
  • Including risk management and tracking
  • Analysis of core business processes in respect to vulnerability, security and risk
  • Validating and developing of company compliance and governance policies,
  1. Cloud Access Control:
  •  Develop Set of security standards and processes to meet compliance for Cloud Applications
  •  Develop a process and technologies to on-board Cloud applications into IAM
  • Mapping company IT Security policies and derive requirements for Cloud Applications

By its portfolio expansion, PATECCO has the ability to develop a strong strategy around security, compliance and threat management. Its IAM solutions can enable organisations to adopt new technologies and practices that can have a direct, positive impact on revenue, profits, employee productivity and the customer experience. 

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Author: Dr. Ina Nikolova