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PATECCO Announces Managed Services As a Key Element of Its Portfolio

 PATECCO runs an international consulting team of IAM experts who provide innovative and sustainable IAM and Cloud solutions related to different kind of IAM software applications. The company establishes policies and guidelines for hybrid enterprise align with company’s security standards. It determines Managed Services as a key element needed for the successful development of all IAM projects, based on stabilized operation, high quality and sustainable improvement.

To provide a security solution design for long-term efficiency and value, PATECCO’s Managed Services infrastructure is constantly updated with the most advanced technologies available. Managed Services shorten delivery cycles, reduce resource requirements, compliance burdens, and operational costs over time while enhancing a client’s existing security program.


PATECCO IAM technology provides quick access to data and boost collaboration among employees, business partners, suppliers and customers. Its Managed Services help customers handle user access more efficiently and protect their business data from unauthorized use.

PATECCO’s managed Service provide reliable 24/7 support (Operation Meetings, Daily and Weekly Status Reports, Dedicated Service Manager, Monthly "Health-Check" of IAM System), and real time reporting which is supported by scheduled weekly, monthly, and annual performance and compliance. The company is also successful in day-to-day operations such as infrastructure sizing, development, integration and implementation. PATECCO concentrates its activity in Solution architecture and design, and Project management. It also provides a cohesive governance cloud that unifies the efforts of legal, risk, compliance and infrastructure business units.

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