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How to Recognize the Best Managed Services Provider for Your Business?

Nowadays more and more business owners and IT decision makers appreciate the value of managed service providers (MSPs). They provide the world with a special IT service: setting up your IT and keeping it running with a combination of focus and expertise.  Before starting work with MSPs, it’s good to check some information about the IT company, its clients and reputation. In this way you could be sure that MSP solves your problems efficiently and uses a well-defined set of tools and processes.

But how to understand which MSP to choose? Here we share some essential features which will help you to recognize the best MSP:

  • Strong company culture

An excellent MSP has a set of core values that are followed by every team member. They make personal decisions based on those core values and attain employees that are not only talented and capable, but ones who care about the customers and their problems.

Working with experienced Managed Services provider is a good opportunity for your business to compete at a higher level because of their sustained increases in productivity and functionality.


  • Being a good strategist

A high class MSP will provide strategic plans that cater to your business’ technological needs and goals. Their focus will be on the customer’s performance and growth.

  • Focusing on an industry

Almost every industry is becoming increasingly specialized. The same goes for managed services. Managed Service Providers should be specialized in offering services for a certain type of industry, or to be specialized in a specific service for various industries. Managed service providers that try to do everything for everyone are going to have a harder time staying relevant in the ever-specializing world of IT.

  • Using assessment tools

The best MSPs always use assessment tools to show their clients the value of their services. Such tools are used to track important metrics for each quarter to see what managed services is doing for that client. MSPs that invest in the best assessment tools will be the most capable when it comes to helping their clients succeed.

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  • Nurturing relationships with peers, vendors, and distributors

Every good MSP keeps a strong network with peers, vendors, and distributors. Such kind of MSPs can serve their clients better when they’re forming relationships with other MSPs and learning from their successes and their practices. Strong vendor and distributor relationships are key because that enables MSPs to stay caught up with the latest software and allows them to offer the best service while staying competitive with their pricing.

  • Providing network security

MSPs that upgrade IT services, manage IT infrastructure and ensure systems, aren’t compromised by malicious parties. They often have specialist IT skills, providing the client with peace of mind.

The other precious capabilities of efficient managed service provider refer to automated approach, continuous optimization to provide cost controls, governance and accountability that ensure you generate long-term benefit. So when you’re on the market for a managed service provider, make sure you select a company that has excellent reputation, is recognised by big companies, tailors its strategy and solutions to the clients’ needs and most of all - is reliable.

As a leading managed service provider, PATECCO builds its products to be viable for companies who set up and run infrastructure for their customers, and works with a large number of such companies across the globe.

Author: Dr. Ina Nikolova