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Protection of sensitive data and information through Identity and Access Management? See why!

The controlled access to company data and information through your employees, suppliers and partners should be primarily considered. Enterprise Mobility and bring your own device lead to new challenges.

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    Streamline, accelerating and securing your Identity Management processes by using automated provisioning. Learn more, now!

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    PATECCO | Solutions & Services

    The team with the right tool-kit. Reliable, flexible and specialized. For workshops, consulting or a Health Check. We are here for you.

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    PATECCO | Managed Services

    The smooth operation of your IAM systems is the essential prerequisite of organizations internal security. IAM Managed service provided by PATECCO supports you in all matters.

Your trust in competence,
when it comes to identity and access management!

The security of IT workplaces has been the primary for companies. Employees had one under-the-desk workstation, the only device that had to be secured. Not only since the Generation Y employees want to be flexible. Use the device of choice, always and everywhere. Access corporate data and switch between devices. PC, tablet, smartphone, different manufacturers, different operating systems. IAM focuses on the protection of identity, People-Centric-IT.


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